I know deep in my bones that creating space can have a massive impact on the quality of your life.

I believe that less is more and that it’s possible to derive the greatest benefits from the simplest actions.

I value a spacious, joyful life where I can serve others in the most natural and helpful ways possible. Yoga. Coaching. Organizing.

It’s all about creating the space you need to live the life you want.

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You value balance, authenticity and time well spent with family and friends. You want to live a life that’s full of ease and joy with time to nurture yourself and time to nurture those you love.

You want simplicity and fullness.

If you’re stuck and you feel like you can’t quite connect the dots to live the life you really want, you’re in the right place. You’re ready to do the deeper work to feel more connected, grounded and peaceful in your life, your body, and your home – I can help you.


People come to me when they’re ready to make a change in the way they’ve been doing things so they can live a life with less stress and more joy.

Kristin Hertz

I’m a yoga and movement teacher, a life coach and organizing pro. I help people live more fulfilling lives through yoga classes, workshops and retreats. I turn homes into spacious sanctuaries for their owners, families, friends and guests. I’ve coached powerful women through difficult life transitions.

I’m a mama, wife, daughter, sister and friend. An introvert who’s traveled, taught, and danced around the world. I love dancing all night to thumping bass music under the stars. I love skinny dipping and hiking. For years I teetered between my spiritual growth and chasing down an artificial buzz, but thankfully, my intense desire to commune with Spirit won – now my focus is on the experience and not the party favors.

I live in rural Montana with my Earthy husband and our fairy daughter.


I make time for my health – because it doesn’t save time to be unhealthy.

I make time for my husband, daughter, friends and family.

I make time for myself.

Am I perfect? HELL NO. Do I get overwhelmed? YES. But less than I used to. I ask for help. I receive help. I remember my values and strive to live them.

I’ve created a life that resonates with me and my values. I’d love to help you do the same.


You have a longing for deeper self-knowledge, peace and joy. I have the gift and privilege of listening, seeing, sensing and helping amazing people like you release what you need to let go of and embrace what you love in your life… so that you can do the things you’re meant to do in this world and truly live a life that’s aligned with the vibrant spirit you are.


Where would you like more SPACE in your life? What are your VALUES? Are you living them? How do YOU want to feel? What are you ready to RELEASE? What are you longing for more of in your life? How could we, together, make this happen for you?

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My Official Bio

Kristin Hertz is a yoga teacher, life coach and organizing pro. Her mission is to help people create more space in their lives for what truly matters. She does this by empowering her clients to elevate their self-care and get in touch with their deepest desires to live a life filled with more joy and ease.

She has been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for 10. She’s trained with world-renowned yoga teachers John Friend and Sianna Sherman in Tantric-based, alignment and heart centered yoga lineages. She’s completed a top notch coaching school with award winning coach, Jenny Fenig. She’s been fascinated with organization since she could walk and bases her methods on in-depth studies and many years of personal experience.

She’s led numerous transformational workshops and retreats over the years. This is one of her great passions and loves.

She’s worked in the corporate wellness field for the past 10 years and has won the MT State Department of Health and Human Services award “For Outstanding Achievement in Worksite Health Promotion” every year for the past six years.

She lives at the base of the mountains in rural Montana with her Earthy husband and fairy-like four year old daughter.

Loves: yoga, the self-growth process, music, dance, art, food, color-coded everything, chatting while going for a walk, and living in sync with the cycles and seasons of nature.

Find her at

kristin hertz

Click HERE for instant access to my top five action steps to
create more space for the life you want.