About Kristin Hertz

You want to make hay while the sun shines with me?

Cyclical living is making hay while the sun shines!

Cyclical living saves you time and energy by taking advantage of doing the right things at the right time.  Cuz when we’re not doing this, life is harder than it needs to be.  And it is already HARD!


Who am I and what do I know about all this?

I spent the first half of my twenties numbed out with drugs and alcohol.

I spent the second half and into my thirties working out, creating devotion in my yoga and meditation practices, eating healthy, going to therapy, dancing, performing, creating, playing and overall healing.  I worked too.  😉

After a shitty first half of that decade and an empowering second half, I thought I had life figured out!

It all came crashing down after I had my daughter at 34.

Most of what I’d done to maintain my health and sanity pre-kid no longer worked because our patriarchal culture (not a big bad monster that lives out THERE and hates men, but an inner and outer enculturation that lacks support of not only womxn, but feminine energy – which lives inside us ALL) does not empower womxn and especially mothers in a way that supports them to thrive during this critical postpartum time.

Patriarchy worked fine for me when I was young, fit, energetic and making money (cuz that’s what it values and that’s what I valued).  As a tender new sleep deprived mother, I didn’t have the time or energy to keep up with my healthy lifestyle practices and former values.

It was brutal.  I do my best to talk openly about that time in my life and support new mothers in the ways I can.  THANK YOU to those of you that support new mothers and especially those of you that are not mothers and get this… wow, I was never that person and I am especially grateful to those of you that can see outside your own experience in this way.

There were many things that helped get my life back on track-ish and cyclical living was one of them, so I want to share it with you.  It’s our birthright!

It was NOT the only thing.  Other things were therapy, naturopathic care, pelvic care, nervous system work, writing, nature, spiritual practices and like a million other things.  This is lifetime work and no one thing is the answer.  I’m here with my offering as part of my own path.

Cyclical living is for EVERYONE.  It’s a way to relate to the 28 day (ish) cycle of menstruation and of the moon.  

We’ve been living in a world dominated by the 24 hour cycle.  If you’ve been feeling exhausted by the constant go, go, go of the 24 hour cycle… cyclical living is for you.

Cyclical living empowers us to live in the current system with more grounding, connection and femininity.

We are creating a new system from the inside out.


Also, I’ve learned a lot over the years and done some legit stuff.  Here’s my official bio, written in the third person to make it even more official.

Official Bio

Kristin Hertz is a yoga teacher and coach focused on cyclical living. Her mission is to make hay while the sun shines! She does this by being in touch with the cycles and seasons of life… menstrual phases, moon phases and the four seasons.

She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2008. She trained with world-renowned yoga teachers John Friend and Sianna Sherman in Tantric-based, alignment and heart centered yoga lineages. She completed coaching school with award winning coach, Jenny Fenig.

She’s led numerous transformational workshops and retreats over the years. This is one of her great passions and loves.

She’s also a dancing queen!

kristin hertz