Cyclical living saves you time and energy by taking advantage of doing the right things at the right time.  When we’re not doing this, life is harder than it needs to be.  


Who am I and what do I know about all this?

I spent my teens and the first half of my twenties numbed out and addicted to drugs and alcohol.

I spent the second half of my twenties and into my thirties waking up and releasing those addictions and replacing them with more socially acceptable addictions like working out, yoga asana and sex.  Were those good replacements?  They were!  I thought I had life figured out.

It all came crashing down after I had my daughter at 34.

Most of what I’d done to maintain my health and sanity pre-kid no longer worked.

It worked fine for me when I was young, fit, energetic and making money, but as a tender sleep deprived new mother, I didn’t have the time or energy to keep up with my former “healthy lifestyle practices”.

It was brutal.

There were many things that helped me re-gain of sense of health and joy.  Cyclical living was one of them, so I want to share it with you.  It’s our birthright!

Cyclical living is for EVERYONE.  It’s a way to relate to the 28 day (ish) cycle of menstruation and of the moon.  

We’ve been living in a world dominated by the 24 hour cycle.  If you’ve been feeling exhausted by the constant go, go, go of the 24 hour cycle… cyclical living is for you.

Cyclical living empowers us to live in the current system with more grounding, connection and vitality.

We are creating a new system from the inside out.