Your menstrual cycle is a mirror for your life

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I see the desire in my community and myself to constantly grow and expand.  I think it’s an admirable desire.  “Working” on yourself and seeing real benefits is incredibly rewarding.  And I think an important responsibility and privilege for those of us who are able to, to take on.   When you’ve been seeing positive shifts for awhile, it can feel quite discouraging when faced with setbacks and can feel worse yet when we feel like we’re moving backwards.

“I thought I knew better.”

“I thought I’d healed that.”

“I thought I was over that.”

“I thought I’d learned that lesson.”

Have you ever said these things to yourself?  I have.

Yes, we know life is full of cycles and seasons.  But I feel like I didn’t REALLY know that until I began looking very closely at my menstrual cycle and syncing my life up with it.

When I began doing this several years ago, I began to see it was VERY predictable I would be flooded with creative ideas and feel like I could do anything during my follicular cycle.  That I’d feel like partying during ovulation.  My need to finish a to-do list would intensify during my luteal cycle and I’d feel defeated and want to quit my creative endeavors during menstruation.  EVERY.  FUCKING.  TIME.  I kinda knew this, but simply hadn’t been paying close enough attention to it before to realize just how predictable it was.

>> When I started planning my life around these cycles… magic happened.  I could do more with less effort.  I felt like I knew and trusted myself better.  Life felt more in the flow.  

I began to see that my life on a big picture scale was full of cycles that mirrored the four phases of my menstrual cycle, the moon phases, and seasons.

I’ve heard women describing their 40s as the full moon of their lives, old age as the Winter of their lives.  Or that they were in an ovulatory, full visibility cycle of their business.  How cool!

If you’re not a menstruating woman, the moon phases and seasons can be equally powerful in this same way.

There are cycles within cycles within cycles in our lives.  There is no always expanding, always growing.  There is birth, expansion, decomposition and death over and over and over.

>> There is a really sad and untrue narrative in our current dominant culture that springtime, ovulation, youth, growth, expansion, more, more, more is better.  It’s not.

Most of us weren’t taught to honor the difference and importance of the many cycles and seasons of life.  Many of us have been taught, either explicitly or implicitly that winter, menstruation, aging, decomposition and death are bad things.  Things not to talk about and avoid at high costs.  Costs that dehumanize and disconnect us.

If you feel down on yourself for yelling when you thought you weren’t angry about a certain thing anymore, losing a healthy habit when you thought you’d it nailed down, making less money in your business than you used to, not feeling as energetic, fun, creative, productive and/or social as you felt at one time, cut yourself some major slack and know it’s part of the cycles of life AND if you feel you’ve been stuck in a certain cycle for longer than feels right to you, then something may have to give.  It’s a paradox.  It all is.  😉

The munchkin that made these teachings so very necessary for me.


If you’d like to know more about the four phases of your menstrual cycle and how they relate to the phases of the moon and the four seasons and how to begin syncing your life up with them, click HERE for a free, simple, one page guide.

If you’d like personalized help setting up your schedule and life around these cycles and seasons, coaching with me is an excellent and effective way to do that.

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