What is self-care and how can I do it for free?

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Self-care is all the rage these days.  After decades, centuries and beyond of women laying their own well-being on the line to care for others, many of us are finally realizing we need to take great care of ourselves.

>> Be real with yourself… how’s your self-care?

Maybe you really get the concept of self-care and are living it.  Hooray!  Perhaps it’s somewhat of a foreign concept to you.  Do you like the idea but wonder HOW to actually do it?

>> Where do I start?

Massages, dinners with girlfriends, pedicures, therapy, energy work, personal trainers, coaches, private yoga, etc., are awesome, but those things are not always accessible.

>> I want everyone to know self-care can be SIMPLE and FREE.

Here’s my personal story of free, simple self-care:

I have long hair.  Before I had a kiddo, I washed it about three times a week.  Since my daughter was born I’ve washed my hair about once a week.  I let it be a new mom thing.  New moms GET this.

But now my daughter is four.  I’m no longer a new mom.  Four years of washing my hair once a week had left me feeling, well, greasy and gross.

Awhile back, I announced to my husband that I was done with my greasy hair and would be once again washing my hair three times a week. “Great.” he said.

I like to wash my hair at night and before my daughter goes to bed, since I often fall asleep with her.  My husband knows this.

I’d told my husband earlier in the evening, “I’m washing my hair tonight,” and he said “Great.”

A few hours later and I go to get in the shower.  We have one shower in our house.  My husband says “What are you doing!? Luna needs to take a bath.  It’s too late to wash your hair.  This is ridiculous. You’re being selfish.

I said to him “I hear you AND I told you I was washing my hair tonight.”  Then I got in the shower.  My husband fussed.  He muttered.  He told me he would not brush Luna’s teeth and that I would have to do it when I got out of the shower.  I GOT IN THE SHOWER ANYWAY.

I got out fifteen minutes later.  My husband had calmed down.  He’d brushed Luna’s teeth. EVERYTHING WAS FINE.  And my hair felt GREAT.

He’s been supportive of me taking extra time to wash my hair since this night.

>> Was the actual washing of my hair self-care?  Yes.  But the bigger self-care piece was STANDING UP FOR MYSELF IN A KIND AND CALM WAY.

Actual Footage of My Sparkling Clean Hair.  Feels SO Good.


HOW do you stand up for yourself in a kind and calm way?  It takes PRACTICE.  Sometimes I stand up for myself in a blunt and mean way.  Sometimes I don’t stand up for myself when I wish I would have.  I KEEP PRACTICING standing up for myself in a kind and calm way and it gets easier.

Need help standing up for yourself in a kind and calm way?  Coaching with me will help get you there.  Click HERE for more info.

Want to start taking better care of yourself right NOW?  Click HERE for my top five action steps to create more space for yourself.

Another one of my favorite free self-care practices is time in nature.  What are some of yours?  I’d love to know.  Click HERE to let me know and/or to respond with other comments or questions.



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