What the hell is life coaching really?

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Life coaching is a way to gain clarity, focus and accountability.  If you’re new to coaching, here’s a little break down of what it really involves and how I personally do it.

What coaching is NOT:

* It’s NOT me telling you what to do with your life.
* It’s NOT me trying to make your life like mine.
* It’s NOT therapy – therapy focuses on mitigating past wounds (I’m a HUGE proponent of therapy and think everyone should do it). Coaching meets you where you are and moves forward from there.

What coaching IS:

* You meet with me for focused, structured time to REALLY get to know who you are and focus on what you REALLY want.
* You get REAL with the present and design the future you WANT.
* You structure ways to do less with ease and ask for support when you need it.
* You say no to what’s no longer serving you…without the guilt.
* You clear out the excess so you can cherish the essentials.

>> These are not things most of us have been taught even though they are NECESSARY to live a fulfilling life. Taking time for these things goes against the grain of our society and especially against the grain of what many of us have been taught it means to be a woman.

Do you REALLY know yourself?

Some questions to consider:

* When was the last time you sat down and went over your values, your life purpose, your mission, your legacy, your gifts, your challenges and more?

* How often are you completely present with your breath and your body?

* Are you ignoring piles of stuff in your home? In your office? In your mind? In your heart?

* When have you last asked yourself challenging questions, sought the answers and committed to ACTION STEPS (aka fucking doing something) to move you forward with how you want to be in life?

>> Creating space for yourself and your dreams and making them happen is a RADICAL ACT. It’s one I’ve spent many years studying, living and experimenting with. And honing and helping others with this radical act is one of the things I LOVE most in life.

Is your life perfect Kristin? And what makes you qualified to be a life coach?

Of course my life is perfect – that’s why I’m qualified to do this shit. 😉

Uh no, my life is not perfect. AND YET, my life is very much in integrity with my personal values. I’m living a life that resonates with ME. I have strong boundaries – because I PRACTICE setting boundaries. I’m in a healthy relationship. I know my life purpose and I’m living it.

My life has not always looked this way. It has been and still is a work in progress. I work with teachers, coaches, therapists, healers and other professionals myself to constantly re-shape and upgrade my life. I’ve done YEARS of work, professionally and personally.  Click here for some of the highlights of that journey.

WHO do I coach?

>> I coach powerful women to find greater logistical ease and spiritual connection in their work and home lives.  

I didn’t decide that’s who I was gonna coach three years ago when I started coaching, but that’s who’s come to me over and over again.  So, that’s who I coach.  Sound like you?

HOW do I coach?

I coach using my unique, holistic Create Space methodology that focuses on:

  1. Cutting out things (from clutter to an overly packed schedule) that aren’t working and/or feel obligatory.  We do this BEFORE we add in more of what you want in life.
  2. Utilizing empowering spiritual and earth-based tools like yoga, meditation, astrology, tarot, menstrual and moon cycle work to gain greater self-awareness so we’re not wasting time and energy chasing goals that don’t REALLY resonate with your truest self.
  3. Answering revealing questions (questions not even your best friends are asking you) to expand your self-knowledge and amplify your focus.
  4. Creating structures, systems and accountability to support your new spacious life.

What have some of my clients said about our work together?  Click HERE to find out.

I’ll prob be wearing leggings and Uggs during our sessions.  Or my dragon suit.  I only wear normal clothes for meetings and photo shoots.


Coaching is focused, structured work – it’s meant to get you moving in the direction you want and keep you on that trajectory.

Ready to take action to create a life that feels better to YOU? Click HERE for an application for coaching with me.

Questions, comments? Click HERE to ask and share!

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