Ten moments that grew my self-awareness

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Welcome to my first blog post!

Do you want to take great care of yourself AND your family, friends and community? Do you want to grow your career AND your self-care practices? Do you want to speak your heart AND be a better listener? Do you want to live life more simply AND more fully?


Then this blog is for YOU.

Topics will include:

* Yoga
* Meditation
* Spirituality
* Earth-based living
* Personal awareness
* Organization
* Motherhood
* Relationships
* Self-care
* And more!

I will not have a comment section on this blog to keep it simpler for me. If you’d like to comment or have questions, I’d LOVE to engage with you on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like first dibs on new info and offerings click HERE to check out my free resources, pick your favorite one and then you’ll be signed up for my newsletter.  I send it out on the new and full moon and occasionally a few other times too.

I will release a new blog every Full Moon. Perhaps more in the future, but for now… I’m committed to not over-doing.

And now, I’d love to share with you ten moments that forever shifted my personal growth journey.

1. One of my first memories is the FEELING I got after I organized my room. I was five years old. I didn’t have a ton of toys (thank you Mom) so it was pretty easy. I felt a deep sense of calm. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed helping others access this feeling. The space around you MATTERS. Learn more about my methodology of creating space in your home HERE.

Five Year Old Me

Five Year Old Me

2. I gave a speech in front of 500 people in 8th grade and surprisingly LOVED it. I was running for class president and I’m sure my speech was only a few minutes and the theme involved vending machines. I’m an introvert and this was the first time I realized giving a speech and/or performance was much easier for me than small talk. Still is. I’ve since done a multitude of talks and performances for 1000+ people. I like to go big and/or go deep in my conversations.

3. I got my first taste of meditation in 1995 on the then new-fangled internet. I printed out a meditation called “You Are the Buddha” and did it over and over. I still have the original print out (which says a lot because I don’t save much). Around this time I was also reading a lot of Beat poetry and listening to the Grateful Dead. These things formed the backbone of my great love of spirituality and counterculture, which is still strong today.

4. I didn’t have my first real boyfriend until I was 20. I’d dated and been sexually active before this, but I felt like something was wrong with me because I hadn’t been in a relationship. This first relationship led to years of me not following my heart and taught me an incredibly powerful lesson in how important is to act out of authenticity and love for myself instead of insecurity. It’s a lesson we all get a chance to practice with every decision we make and I love supporting others in being true to themselves.

5. Working out saved my life. I didn’t grow up athletically inclined, but I received an intuitive hit that I needed to run and lift weights when I was 24. Before this I’d suffered years of drug and alcohol abuse, debilitating panic attacks and depression. After only three months of consistent workouts, my drug and alcohol use was significantly less, I’d weaned myself off anti-depressants (which I’d tried to do unsuccessfully for years), left my unhealthy relationship, moved back to Montana and began studying to be a personal trainer. Movement is powerful medicine and I use it to help people release and grow in my work.

6. Deep heartbreak led me to a committed yoga practice. When an incredible love turned into an incredible heartbreak I spent a scary night alone trying to drink the pain away. It didn’t work and I drug my hungover ass to a yoga class the next morning and signed up for a 60 day challenge. My teacher was surprised that such a sporadic practitioner and obviously hungover person such as me was making this huge commitment. I did all 60 days and spent the last day in corpse pose the entire class. These 60 days changed my body, brain chemistry and the course of my life for the better more than any other one thing I’ve ever done. Commitment is potent.

7. I began teaching yoga only because people asked me to. After my 60 day yoga challenge, I was gushing about yoga to everyone and practicing and studying yoga began a huge part of my life. Those around me picked up on my obsession and love and asked me to teach. I did, reluctantly at first… because I held yoga teachers in such high regard and didn’t feel confident or qualified to teach. But people kept asking! So, I taught the exact same sequence to the exact same music in the middle school library of my small town for over a year. I later taught at a local studio and after years of teaching finally took a teacher training. Sometimes you gotta just start and let the pieces fall into place.

8. For a few years a good portion of my income came from hula hooping. Over 10 years ago, I attended my first large transformational music festival and discovered hooping! I quickly became obsessed with both electronic music and hooping and spent many fun years immersed in this subculture. I performed with my hoop, made hoops and taught private and group hoop classes. It fulfilled a deep need to express my creativity and be the artist I always knew I was! Creativity and artistry comes in SO many forms and it’s very important for a fulfilling life.

My Hooping Days

My Hooping Days

9. I made an altar calling in a man to be my spiritual partner and it worked! A few months later I met the man who would become my boyfriend (my first in seven years at this point!), my baby daddy, my partner and finally my husband. We frustrate each other, we argue AND we LOVE deeply and are both committed to awareness and growth, personally and relationally. Our partnership is rewarding, fun, funny, challenging and humbling. After six years and a lot of work, my relationship feels safe to me and in its safety, I find myself able to be brave, in a lot of aspects of my life. I believe safety and bravery are key in most all aspects of life and they’re infused into all of my professional offerings.

The Altar that Started it All

The Altar that Started it All

10. Pregnancy and birth were incredible for me… being a new mother was not. I had a fun, active pregnancy and empowering natural home birth. Then I slipped into over three years of postpartum depression. My depression gradually lifted as I gradually weaned my daughter. Before motherhood, I thought I had overcome depression in my life, but being a new mom humbly taught me I had managed and treated my depression effectively, yet what I had used for treatment for so many years no longer worked for me as a mother. I’ve learned new ways of treatment that work for me as a mom and am still learning and experimenting. My free resources page is filled with resources that help me manage motherhood.


Are you READY to become a deeper, truer version of YOU? That’s what I help people do.  Click HERE to learn more about what I offer.


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