GET READY TO RELEASE.  First we get rid of stuff, then we organize.  Because…

The less you have, the easier it is to be organized.

We will begin and end each organizing session with prayer, meditation, movement and/or breath work.

This is sacred work of letting go and we will honor that.

“Kristin helped me learn that in letting go of things, there is space made for new and amazing things and experiences. After a short time of working with her, she gained my trust enough that I let her go through some of my things on her own. This is made the process easier and faster. My home was left with beautiful things that I love and appreciate. You can trust Kristin to lead you to a new section of your life with grace and beauty!” – Cyndi Elliot

During an organizing session, I will teach you powerful tools to utilize your INTUITION – so you can quickly and easily decide what to keep, what to toss and what to buy (or not buy) in the future.

These tools go beyond organizing.  They are tools for all aspects of your life!

I will help you quickly and efficiently pair down your stuff (I’ll even haul it away for you), find a home for everything (YES, EVERYTHING), then help you maintain your organizational flow with follow up support.

How much time do I get with you when I book an organizing session?
Six hours is my minimum package because it usually takes six hours to do one room.  We’ll take a lunch break in between and if need be, we can split it into two days.  I prefer to do it in one day.  Get ready to roll up your sleeves… you will be working WITH me and it’s hard work!  It’s also incredibly rewarding work.

My whole house needs to be organized!  How long will it take?
Depends on the size and state of your house.  I have several packages available and you’ll receive a discount for booking multiple sessions.  CONTACT me here to inquire about packages and rates.

What do I need to do to prepare for an organizing session?
The answers on your application (I work by application only) plus sending me a few pictures of what we will be organizing will help us get started. You’ll need boxes and/or bags for the stuff you are getting rid of (it will be more than you thought).

How do I stay organized?
You will be amazed at how much easier it is to be organized when you have less stuff! I include text and email support for 3 months after our session to help you troubleshoot, provide inspiration and motivation and keep you on the path.

“I was a scattered and cluttered mess before working with Kristin. In working with her, I got FREE SPACE, ROOM TO BREATHE. A doable routine to keep my space looking and feeling spacious long after our time together. I was also reminded that I have the answers I’m looking for if I’m willing to trust and listen to my own body. This tool has served my not only in keeping my closet space organized, but every other facet of my life. It’s invaluable!” – Jenna Joelle Bodle

Ready for a home that inspires and supports YOU?
Click HERE to apply for an organizing session with me and HERE to contact me with questions.