How to rest when you feel like you don’t have time to rest

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You know that feeling when laying down for three days straight sounds AMAZING and yet, there’s no way in hell that’s gonna fit in your schedule?  Yeah, me too.

So, here’s my top five ways to rest when I feel like I don’t have the time to really rest:


 1. Walk slowly.  Whether it’s from your house to the mailbox, your car to work, around the grocery store… SLOW DOWN.  Take deep breaths, walk slowly and with awareness.

2.  Say as few words as possible.  Don’t over-explain.  Don’t justify.  Get the words out that need to be communicated, then let it be.

3.  Sit quietly for a minute.  Sometimes I’m afraid if I lay down, I’ll never want to get up.  Feel me?  So, I sit quietly.  For a minute and longer if I’m able.

4.  Don’t fight it too much.  This is not the time to hit the caffeine, sugar or whatever other uppers you’re into.  If you need to keep going, allow yourself to keep going in a steady way.  One task, then the next.  Multi-task as little as possible.  If your body is wanting rest it will be extra hard to focus on more than one thing at a time (that’s hard anyway).

5.  Plan for next time you need rest.  I know I need rest every month when I’m menstruating.  I plan for it every month, but some months life gets in the way of my plans.  I don’t get discouraged and convince myself I’ll never get rest when this happens.  I keep planning for it.  When something is in my calendar it has a WAY better chance of actually happening.


A Moment’s Rest


If you find that you’re continuously not able to rest when you need to, something’s gotta give.  Not sure exactly what could give?  Need help crafting a life and setting boundaries to enable you to rest when you need to?  I help people do that.  Click HERE to find out how.



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