How to have more sensuality in your life

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Sexuality and sensuality are very different.

Sexuality is a capacity for sexual feelings.

>> Sensuality is enjoyment, expression, pursuit of physical, pleasing, fulfilling to the senses.

Can sensuality be sexual and visa versa?  Of course, but I’ve found it helpful (especially as a mother to young child) to focus on sensuality and if it becomes sexual, great and if not, great as well!  It feels win/win to me.  Where as focusing on sexuality (again, especially as a mother to a young child) often left me feeling even more tired, lack luster and kinda at a wall.

>> How have I focused on sensuality lately?

* Moving my body more and really FEELING my body more as I move it.

* Deep breathing and inspiring music while lifting weights.

* Fully noticing the full rainbow of colors of the sunset.

* Deeply listening to the sounds of nature while walking in the forest.

* Closing my eyes and tuning into the sensations of my body whether in spin class or yoga class.

* Slowing down, tasting and appreciating my food.

I’ve found the more childcare I have, the more sensual I can feel.  It felt almost impossible to tap into much sensuality when I spent the majority of my time catering to a tiny human (and trust me, I’ve tried my damnedest NOT to cater to her, to teach her independence and boredom are good things, but it’s still kinda the nature of the beast).  So, if you’re a mama and that’s where you’re at, I FEEL YOU.

This is me deep in the dance years ago at a festival.  Dancing feels SO sensual to me and I rarely do it anymore.  It’s a goal of mine to bring dancing back to my life!  I’m thinking SENSUAL may be my word of the year for 2020!


What are three ways you could have more sensuality in your life?  Hit me up on social media or contact me HERE and let me know.

If you’d like support incorporating more sensuality into your life, that’s part of what my work is about.  Yoga, coaching, organizing… all these things bring more space and feeling to your body, heart, home and mind and that space feels damn sensual to me.  Check it out HERE if you’d like more info.

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