What coaching is NOT: counseling or therapy.

What coaching IS: an accelerated process of finding out who YOU are, what YOU want and taking ACTION STEPS to get you there.

I will ask you very specific questions and listen deeply to YOU.  Together, we will decide on action steps to get you moving and I will hold you accountable, while offering inspiration and motivation.

Your will get clear on your Values, Mission and Purpose, among other things.

If you’re feeling stuck or need help navigating transition, coaching is for you.

“Before working with Kristin I was feeling unsure, insecure and disempowered in many ways. After coaching, I was definitely feeling more empowered and confident to move forward with my life and business in a way that is more true to me, my goals and my vision. I needed that boost to stop questioning things, set my boundaries and just go for it. Kristin will not sugar coat things or put up with any “fake-ness”. She empowers and inspires. She helps you be real with yourself in order for you to succeed. If you want to take a real look at your life, work with Kristin.” – Jessica Peeblson

What happens during a coaching session?
We’ll begin with a brief meditation to encourage presence and deepen our connection with each other. 

I’ll ask you a lot of questions.  A LOT.  These are big questions that most people are not being asked, even (and sometimes especially) by those closest to them.  

Informed by your answers, we’ll create strategic action steps to help make what you want become real.  

You’ll have my support via text and email for accountability, inspiration and motivation.

“I’m in awe at how you can make things so simple yet so powerful and meaningful. THANK YOU for being on this journey with me.” – Coaching Client

How is coaching different from counseling and therapy?
Counseling and therapy focus on uncovering underlying causes of current issues to work through these issues.  Coaching focuses on first deeply getting to know yourself, then taking action steps to bring you where you want to be in your life with this self-knowledge.

How long will we work together?
I’m 100% committed to my clients. I ask for your total commitment in return. I’ve found 3 months is a good amount of time to honor our commitments to each other and see real change.  I’ve got two coaching packages for you to choose from below and they both include at least 3 months of support.  

How are you different from other coaches?

My focus is on creating space and simplicity. I believe less is more.

I’m a yoga teacher and that expertise is infused into my coaching practices with all of my clients.  I will lead us in meditation, prayer and/or breath work to begin and end our sessions.

I’ve worked in the yoga, fitness and corporate wellness fields for ten years.  I’m highly creative, reliable, and professional.

What type of person do you work best with?
I’m selective in who I work with.  A powerful coaching relationship requires commitment and connection on both our parts.  I work by application only.  You may fill out an application HERE.

I work with people who respect spirituality.  I work with people who are generally healthy and financially stable.  If you are not these things, NO JUDGMENT from me. Seriously. None. I’ve been there.  We all have to start somewhere and coaching is NOT the best place to start.  Coaching is more effective if you have been and/or are currently engaged in your own self-awareness and healing work.

If coaching isn’t right for you right now, here’s what I recommend to get you going:

1. Focus on financial literacy.  Financial literacy is the ability to understand and properly apply financial management skills.  Something many of us have never been taught!  Without financial literacy the financial actions we take (or don’t take) lack a solid foundation for success.   
2. Work with qualified health professionals and healers – naturopaths, acupuncturists, therapists, trauma experts, etc.
3. Explore yoga, meditation, movement practices, walking, nature, creative practices, fitness classes, etc.  Yoga with me IS a great place to start your healing journey.  Click HERE to find out more about that.
4. Read books on the topics of self-awareness, spirituality, health, finances, relationships, trauma, healing, etc.
5. Check out my FREE RESOURCES!

Coaching Services and Rates



Ready for steady, sustainable, empowering change?  Would you like to embrace the wisdom of being aligned with the big picture vision of your life AND be supported in do-able, daily action steps that embrace your vision?

Rate includes:                          

  • 2 coaching sessions/month
  • 2 strategic action step plans/month
  • Email/text support in between sessions for accountability, inspiration, motivation, troubleshooting and more
  • 1 initial deep dive session, 1.5 hours
  • Following sessions, 45 minutes

$250/month (3-month minimum commitment, 3 months payment due before we begin) and you’ll have the option to continue month to month at the same rate, paid monthly in advance.


Got something big and pressing? Need help getting clear and moving forward ASAP?

Rate includes:

  • One time 2-hour coaching session
  • 3 months of strategic action step plans + accountability
  • 3 months of email and text support

$300, payment due before we begin.

Sessions available via phone, video chat or (depending on availability and proximity) live in my home studio.

Ready for your best life?
HERE  to apply for coaching with me or HERE to contact me with any questions you have.